Power Pac 1200VA Offline UPS

Key Features

Model: Power Pack 1200VA Offline UPS
Power 1200VA
Frequency 50 or 60Hz +/- 1Hz.
Transfer time is 4 microseconds
Back up indicator is red


Power Pac 1200VA Offline UPS

Power 1200VA. Simulated sine wave at voltage (at battery) 100V / 220V / 240V +/- 8% — AVE control with PWM. Frequency (on battery) 50 or 60Hz +/- 1Hz. Transfer time is 4 microseconds (typical). Input voltage (single phase + N) 100V / 110V +/-20%, 120V -20%, +15% 220V / 230V / 240V, 160V ~ 270V in line input. Overload protection UPS automatic shutdown if over 110% in 10 seconds, 130% in 3 seconds. Short circuit UPS output shuts off immediately. Spike Protection.460 Joules, (8/20?s). Battery Type Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid battery. Typical recharge time (up to 90% of full capacity) is 6 hours. Back-up time (PC with 15?? monitor) full load 30 minutes, half load 40 minutes. Protection Automatic self-test, over discharge protection, short circuit protection by fuse. Net weight is 8.7 kg. AC general indicator is green. Battery charging AMBER. Back up indicator is red. Ambient operation 3,500 m max. Altitude, 0-95% humidity (no-condensing water), 0-40 degrees Audible noise <40dBA (1 meter from surface). Warranty 1-year.



Main Feature

Input Voltage100V / 110V +/-20%, 120V -20%, +15% 220V / 230V / 240V, 160V ~ 270V at line input
Frequency (Battery Mode)50 or 60Hz +/- 1Hz
Noise Level< 40dBA (1 meter from surface)
BatterySealed, maintenance-free lead acid batteries
IndicationsAC Normal Indicator GREEN
Battery Charging AMBER
Back Up Indicator RED

Manufacture Warranty

Warranty01 Year


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